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Iona Wayland

Author and Sensitivity Reader

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About Iona Wayland

Iona Wayland is an author, book lover, and tea enthusiast. She considers herself a child of the forest, and is a devoted animal mom and mental health professional who specializes in trauma. She depicts aspects of the human experience often in fantastical ways. Common themes of her work include: grief, surviving trauma, and finding purpose and strength.

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October 10, 2020

After her brother Donny’s tragic death, Angela Soloman is instructed where to lay his ashes in order to bring peace to his restless spirit. She must journey and battle deviant supernatural beings, face her own traumatic past, and follow the rules of Hollow Forest to avoid the stalking creature called the Canid Carey. With help from a mysterious ally, she fights to quiet more tormented souls than one. 

 Ashes is a dark fantasy with a touch of supernatural horror. Available now in eBook and Paperback formats at

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"Into the Forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul."

John Muir

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Sensitivity Reading Services

Do you want to include mental illness and diversity in your work but not sure if you’ve hit the mark or have hidden biases? Consider Iona Wayland as your sensitivity reader.

As an avid reader, author, and trauma-specialized mental health professional, Iona is passionate about being a sensitivity reader. She can review your work in progress to give feedback regarding misrepresentation, harmful depictions, and inaccuracies regarding mental injury/illness and multiracial identity in fiction. She can offer solutions to better depict your character’s narrative.

What Iona Does

Iona will evaluate your manuscript and focus on ensuring inclusivity of mental health and/or diversity to avoid tokenizing mental illness and diversity. She will educate about proper portrayals that do not sensationalize or trivialize the experiences.

Special Interests

Mental Injury and Illness

  • Trauma survivorship

    • Childhood

    • Domestic violence

    • Codependent relationships

    • Sexual

    • Exploitation

    • Attachment (including Borderline Personality Disorder)

  • Dissociation disorders and dissociative experiences

    • Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (DDNOS)

    • Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

    • Polyfragmentation

    • Depersonalization

    • Derealization

  • Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms

    • Complex PTSD

    • Flashbacks and their subtypes

  • Depression

    • Major

    • Persistent

    • Bipolar

  • Anxiety

    • Social

    • General

  • Substance Usage Disorder

Special Interests

Multiracial Experiences

  • Latina/o/x

    • Colorism

    • Machismo/misogynistic ideals

    • Cultural pride

  • First-generation American

    • Ethnocentrism

    • English Second Language (ESL)

    • Traditional vs. new ideals

  • Caribbean Black

    • Colorism

    • Familial expectations

    • Blended families

    • Racial pride

  • Irish Catholic

    • Religious practices

    • Classism

  • Mixed Race Identity

    • Intersectionality

    • Interracial relationships (romantic, familial, platonic, and professional)

    • Micro/macro aggressions

    • Exploring identity and diverse racial backgrounds

    • The harms of the terms “passing” and “racial ambiguity”

Peripheral Interests

Iona has working knowledge and/or experience in these areas. She can refer you to further literature and other sensitivity readers if she feels she does not have enough information about these topics.


    • Asexuality and demisexuality

    • Gender exploration and fluidity

    • Sexuality exploration and fluidity

  • Disabilities

    • Neurodivergent versus neurotypical

    • Autistic versus allistic

  • Urban and Rural Living

    • Inner city life below the poverty line

    • Appalachian life below the poverty line

Base Cost for Services

$300 for manuscripts 80,000 words or less.

Rates vary based on:

  • If your manuscript is above 80,000 words

  • A quick turnaround time

  • Complexity of request  

Requirements for Sensitivity Review

If interested, fill out the form below or send an email with the title “Sensitivity Review” to

Include what services you’re looking for, manuscript length, a brief synopsis of your work, and desired deadline.

Manuscripts should be in its later drafting stage and free of major errors. Sensitivity readership is suited for polished works.

If Iona is able to accept your manuscript, submissions should be in 12 point black Times New Roman font and double spaced for easier reading.

All terms subject to change

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